Anagha Pharmaceuticals

Who we are?

Market-leading expertise in the exporter and trade of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

We are a leading exporter brand To OTC Supplier To retail marketplace, one that consistently Adds to their Offerings by serving new markets and categories (Ex; hand,

Our goal is to provide our customers with consistent innovation and build consumer loyalty for your brand via exciting, new items, which stand alone as NNB and offer.

Export OTC medicines provide AFFORDABLE treatment.



Building for the future

We have made good progress as a company in the past year – despite the pandemic which continues to impact the world and the initial challenges in meeting theunprecedented demand for our new obesity treatment. We continued to broaden our technology platforms and product pipeline to strengthen the basis for longterm growth whilst investing significantly in expanding our future production capacity



Anagha Pharmaceuticals continually rein-vests in the company, adding talent, expanding facilities into additional locations, growing our portfolio offerings, and updating.


We value the contributions of all our employees, business partners, and customers while meeting the needs of society in all manners  mitted to growing our mutual business in an instant.


We promise to always remain one step ahead of our valued customers’ ever-increasing requirements and unique needs in every respect including our processes, products, and people.


We believe that technology should not only help people live longer but also provide them with a better quality of life. As a pharmaceuticals distributor company, our vision is to provide clients around the world with access to the best medicines. To this end, we have created an online platform where anyone can find accurate information about pharmaceuticals and order them for affordable prices.


Identifying and exploiting core competencies is seen as important for a new business making its mark or an established company trying to stay competitive.

  • Proven and Consistent Service Levels
  • Constant re-investment into the company including facilities, equipment, talent, and technology
  • Promotional Experse including Displays – End Caps – Value Sizes. Etc.
  • Beer than Brand, Exclusive, Premium Products (all souls were in clear boles)
  • Business Continuity Plan – Both facilities in India are equipped with packaging lines dedicated to Anagha with a detailed plan of expanding processes so as not to interrupt Anagha service levels in case of emergency.
  • First to Market Opportunities – Exceponal Speed to Market on New Formulations
  • Diversied Porolio: OTCs, ANDAs, Hand, Home & Oce & Auto Sanizers and more!
  • Dedicated Customer Service Advocates for our Partners